Kidney Prac
The kidney cleans waste material from the blood, retain or excrete salt and water and flushes all bad fluids out of the body.
The kidney works by dripping urine from the kidney to the bladder. It drips urine though a long tube.
Pluck practicle

Enzymes break down complicated things into simple things.

The oesophagas can’t be open at the same time as the trachea.

The thorasic cavity is the top half of you body.

The pericardium is the bag which carries the heart.

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is the toxin that gets broken down by the enzymes in the body.

Three things I learnt from the heart prac

The valves only let the blood flow one way in the heart.

The left side of the wall, the systematic circuit had thicker walls because it pumps blood to the whole body.

The right side of the heart has thinner walls, the pulmonary circuit because it only pumps blood through the lungs.

Arthur Angus-Hill

Heart prac preparation

The Glycemic Index stands for GI and GI means the effets of carbohydrates on the body, it determines for each gram of carbohydrates we have how much it raises the glucose level. Foods with a low GI food level are yoghurt and fruits. Foods with high GI levels are sugar and butter.

Vegetarians can get protein in their diets by eating other foods rather than meat. This food includes kidney beans, chickpeas, and lentils, etc, nuts, soy, and low-fat dairy products.

The first most interesting thing I found out from the article is that athletes need about the smae amount of protein as the general public, dairy foods contain up to 10 essential nutrients like calcuim and weight bearing activities increase bone density.

From my own reseach it’s not that hard to get enough essential protein in your diet, they have to eat wholesome meals which fill in the caroagories from the other things on the food pyramid and eat things like nuts and chickpeas instead of meat.

Blood groups

Blood type is the classification of blood of which you are, this is determined from inheritance or genes. There are four different blood groups, A, B, AB, O. One blood type from your mum and one blood type from you dad, put together makes you. It is important to know your blood type because of you need blood put into you it needs to be the same type otherwise the immune system fights it.

Why do I need a heart?

We need blood to carry nutrients around the body,  the heart pumps the blood. We need oxygen to come into the body and the heart does this. The heart is the main organ in the circulatory system.

Where am I up to?

IN my assessment task I am nearly finished question 3.

This website is really good becuase it tells us what experiments have been conducted to figure out what plants can live in martian soil.


I like this website because it gives us information about the scientist in NASA trying to make Mars capable of living on without shelter.


My favourite thing is soccer, soccer has 11 people on the pitch on each team, there are 4 defenders, 3 midfielders, 3 strickers 1 goalkeeper. This is the best game ever!

2 new things I learnt are Messi is worth 100 million pounds. Only 3 keepers have scored in the English Fotball leauge.

passport to the universe task12

1. The Church officials could no tbelieve earth that obited around the sun because they believed they were the centre of the universe and if they weren’t then they were going against everything they thought.

2. The Indiginous Aboriginals didn’t believe it because they already had there beliefs set down and it would be about impossible to change over night.

3. They couldn’t believe it because from what it looked like on the earth everything circled around us and if everybody decided to change and this strange mans device was wrong then no-one would know what to do any more and waht to believe.

Arthur Angus-Hill